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hope you enjoy it ^_^

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just finished filming the Ask Roxas video.

it will be up shortly (:

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i will be filming my ask Roxas video tomorrow guys :D


so you have a bit of time to ask any more questions if you want to.

it would be great if you could!(:


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ooc;; 3 more asks until i’ll make my first ask Roxas video :D

sorry for spam, but i’m really excited about doing it

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ooc; okay guys, change of plan

this is just going to be an “ask Roxas” blog, so ask me questions on this blog, or my personal ( and just say: to Roxas) and when i have a few questions piling up, i will make a video on youtube as Roxas (: i really am looking forward to doing this, so please ask (:

Saix has given me so many missions…

Sorry I was gone for so long guys, had some stuff to sort out…

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